Trade Candy For Prizes At Our Sweet Swap!

Written By Aadland Dental on October 4, 2017


HALLOWEEN SEASON MEANS it’s time for our Sweet Swap! Do your kids bring home more candy from trick-or-treating than you want them to eat? Do they only eat a few of their favorite pieces and leave the rest to go stale? Whatever the reason for the excess candy stash at your house, we’re giving you a way to trade it for something that doesn’t cause tooth decay!

Don’t Let Candy Turn Into Cavities!

The health of your children’s teeth is always one of our top priorities, and that’s even truer around Halloween. This is why we’re hosting an event to help your family get something out of all that candy—besides sugar-highs, toothaches, and upset stomachs.

The event in question is our “Sweet Swap,” where we give your children a chance to swap out their extra candy for sweet prizes!

When Is Our Sweet Swap?

We will begin our Sweet and Swap the day after Halloween, Wednesday, November 1st. We will stop taking treats Tuesday, November 7th. You can drop off the candy Monday through Friday 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm at our office.

How Does Our Sweet Swap Work?

Bring in your candy and trade it in for a prize, we will stock up our treasure chest with new and exciting toys!  Not only will you be rewarded for trading in your sweets, but you can be entered for our grand prize by sharing fun pictures on social media as well!

Participating Is Easy!

Step 1: Take a picture with a fun social sign to show you’ll be swapping your extra sweets for fun prizes.
Step 2: Post the photo to Facebook, and tag our practice location.
Step 3: Receive a raffle entry to win a prize!

Share Your Photo And Enter To Win A Prize!

Enter to win a pair of movie tickets and some popcorn!

We Hope You’ll Bring Your Friends Too!

Our Sweet Swap is not exclusive to our patients! If you have any friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers you think might be looking to get rid of extra Halloween candy too, invite them to attend and join in all the fun!  All candy will be donated to OPERATION GRADITUDE.  Which is an organization that sends all your unwanted candy overseas to our troops and first responders.   

Check out our Facebook page for more Sweet Swap information and updates!


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